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About Us

How long have you been in business?

We have been in decorating business since 2010 ( so for 11 years already). During this time we created thousands of beautiful arrangements for various occasions, decorated many hoses, restaurants and hotels to make our clients enjoy beauty every single day.


What makes you different from your competitors?

  1. 100% original flowral arrangements and decoration items
  2. Materials of premium quality
  3. Unique style;
  4. Creativity;


From where do you operate?

 Trieste, Italy


Do you accept returns/exchanges over and above what customers are entitled to by law (i.e., a replacement/repair for a minor fault or refund for a major fault)?

Yes, we are ready to give a refund, if your order had been damaged because of our or the shipping’s company fault. In this case, when you take your order at post office, you need INSTANTLY check the order, and if it had been broken or damaged, you have to fill in complaint at the place to the delivery company. Refund will be given only in that case, if the buyer will immediately inform us about the damage, and will provide with photos of the written and signed complaint to the post office.


To where do you ship? How long does it take you to process an order before it is dispatched?

We ship worldwide. The process of preparing the order to dispatch takes up to 7 days.


Where are your packages shipped from?

We ship our products from Italy.


Do you ship packages internationally?


Payment methods

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept our payments through Etsy shop, Credit card or PayPal.

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